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Kingdom Strategies International is committed to the gospel of the Kingdom that Jesus preached, the biblical restoration of the family, the biblical reformation of the church and the biblical release of heaven's culture in society throughout the nations.

The Word of God

The Word of God is precious, precise, and powerful! It is inspired, infallible, and inerrant. It convicts of sin, converts the sinner, and conforms the saint to the image of Christ. The Word of God has stood the test of time, strengthened the hand of the humble, and stopped the advance of the adversary. Yes, the Word of God is essential to our lives and its absence in our lives is like the earth without water or the lungs without air. Let us honor God's Word and apply it to all things.

About Randy Howard
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Randy Howard is the Senior Leader of the Gate Church of the High Desert located in Victorville, California with a vision for personal transformation of lives and social justice for communities.


In addition, he is the founder and overseer of Kingdom Strategies International (KSI), an international network of churches in Latin America, Africa, and India. He also serves as the Apostolic Overseer of Kingdom Ministries USA.

Randy serves on the Leadership Team of the Rebuilders Group (a national organization for social and political change through Biblical principles), and the GTN North America CAC Strategic Team as well as nine additional boards of various ministries. Randy holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion, a Master’s Degree in Theology, and Doctoral studies in Religious Education.


Over the past 30 years, KSI has seen over 300,000 salvations, 30,000 leaders trained, 2,500 churches and ministries networking together, nearly 500 churches planted, as well as feeding centers and orphanages established in Africa, Asia, and Latin America all to the glory of God.


Randy and his wife Tammy have four grown married children all serving in ministry and 18 grandchildren.

Blogs of Interest

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I have been pastoring for over twenty-five years. I have known Randy Howard for at least half of that time. To say that Randy has "been there" for me as a pastor, and for our church, would be an understatement. One year into starting a new church, the sending church fell apart. We were on our own. Randy not only helped the sending church walk through their very difficult process, but he helped us mitigate the fallout of that very difficult season as a church and for me as a pastor. What we faced would challenge any church, but especially a church in its infancy. Randy was an incredible gift from God to walk us through that critical time. In spite of pastoring a local church, serving as the founder of an international ministry that reaches four continents, father to four grown children, and grandfather to eighteen grandchildren, Randy has continued to make himself available to me and our leadership team for pastoral oversight. He was there for us then; he is there for us now. Our church is healthy and thriving. Randy has been one of the most significant parts of our ongoing health and growth.


Pastor Eric Trout

Freedom Church Northwest

Woodinville, WA

Eric Trout.jpg

I was licensed to the ministry at twenty-one years old and have been actively involved in church ministry, missions, recovery programs, youth and adult discipleship, and many other aspects of leading in the Christian community for the past thirty-two years.  Like so many of my brothers and sisters in Christ I have experienced the joys and sorrows of ministry and in particular the problems within the leadership structures and systems. I can say without hesitation that Randy Howard has personally and corporately helped our leadership team move from dysfunction to health. He has mentored me as a pastor and challenged me to adopt healthy leadership systems within my team while navigating the difficult challenges that come with staff changes, eldership additions, and major financial hurdles associated with ending outdated ministries or reconfiguring educational components of church life! Randy has not just tuned up my sermons or helped me run meetings he has helped me restructure and reorient our church community toward healthy gospel proclamation, clear relational boundaries, and fiscally responsible ventures.  



Pastor Matthew Holiday

Christ Church North Bay - Novato, CA

Christ Church - Northport, WA


I can say for certain that Randy Howard has had a great impact both on me personally as a Pastor/Elder and on my church as a whole. Randy loves the Lord, loves pastors, and loves the Church of Jesus. He is passionate about seeing the people of God rooted in the Word of God, walking by the Spirit, and moving in the mission of Christ in the world. Anyone who spends even a little time with him will find this to be apparent. Randy has a unique gifting from the Lord to see organizational structure from the satellite level. He has effectively coached me and my church leaders on strengthening our structure, developing dynamic ministry teams, and honing a Christ-centered disciple making culture. I can say with confidence that Randy has assisted us in designing quality strategies for accomplishing our goal of fulfilling Christ's Great Commission in our city. He has also helped us see pathways towards making those strategies into realities. I consider Randy to be a good friend, a mentor, and a patient coach who has invested himself into me and my church. I would recommend him to any leader and church who is looking for someone who can help them see blind spots, focus vision, slow down and hear the Lord, and encourage them to keep going after the heart of the Lord for their lives and ministries.



Pastor Nick Tarter

New Covenant Fellowship

Bethany, OK

Nick Tarter.jpeg

I have worked at multiple levels of Church Leadership over the last twenty-five years of my life. As first and elder and then senior leader of our local congregation, Pastor Randy has provided guidance and mentorship through multiple turbulent experiences. His guidance has been extremely helpful in helping us to make wise, timely choices which bear long term healthy fruit in our Church. He has been a consistent voice of wisdom, experience, and Godly counsel. I have never seen him make a choice or offer guidance based on personal ambition or gain. He has always acted in the most honorable way, putting the needs of both the local church and the Global Church above his own. He seeks first the Kingdom of GOD both in his method, attitude, and incarnational results. He is loyal, honest, and dependable. He is willing to do the hardest task(s) himself and often deflects credit to others. He has never asked for a single dollar and is impeccably transparent with how he meets his needs. I have watched him walk through incredibly difficult times in his personal life with an uncomplaining trust in GOD. I am deeply grateful to him for his personal guidance and our church is deeply grateful for his support through multiple difficult times over the past 8 years.


Pastor Jeremiah Cole

Life Gate Church

Newport, KY

Jeremiah Cole.png


11783 Amethyst Road

Victorville, CA 92392

(760) 949-8979

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