A Relational Alliance of Church Leaders and Apostolic Families


The Kingdom Alliance exists to facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships with Apostolic leaders and their family of connected churches and ministries through times of refreshing (fellowship), times of resourcing (equipping), and times of releasing (ministry) into the nations for the purpose of establishing and expanding the kingdom of God in the earth.

KA benefits national and regional leaders and their churches by:

  • Helping them to establish meaningful covenant relationships with like-minded leaders.

  • Providing resources to enhance the life and ministry of the local church and connected ministries.

  • Providing a sense of covering and accountability.

  • Providing for the rejuvenation and refreshing of battle weary leaders.

  • Giving each ministry a sense of connection to a larger network of apostolic families with a global vision.

KA benefits apostolic families by assisting their leaders, by giving them a sense of national and international identity, by providing a sense of security in times of difficulty, and by exposing their churches and ministries to others that will build what they are building.


We are not a denomination! It is important that you understand our desire is not to control or usurp local regional authority or church autonomy, but we are a relational affiliation of like-minded leaders, churches and ministries called together through divine connection to be a Kingdom expression on the earth.


We are not involved in owning or controlling church property. This is the function of the local church and is not our intent.


We are not a traditional missionary agency. While KA will support and encourage missionary activity and church planting, it is not a platform for launching missionaries in the traditional sense. We are, however, an apostolic-ministry that facilitates Kingdom activity through apostolic, indigenous ministries throughout the nations.

KA provides a structure and a context where meaningful relationships can be cultivated, but it is up to each participating leader along with the KA leadership to sense a personal responsibility for one another as "our brother's keeper".



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FAX: (760) 949-8434

EMAIL: info@thegatehd.com